Our Policy

I understand that the original file images from my session are property of Rich Banick Photography.

I understand that the session fee is for the time and materials used in the camera room and does not cover the cost of finished portraits.

I understand that cameras (cell phone or still/video cameras) are not permitted to be used on studio property for the purpose of photographing an image that was created by Rich Banick Photography.

I understand that both the computer files and finished portraits are protected by US copyright laws and may not be copied or reproduced. Any reproduction of portraits by anyone other than Rich Banick Photography is prohibited by Federal Law and prevented by my integrity.

I also understand that Rich Banick Photography does not release their photos for reproduction by other companies or people. No releases will be given for invitations/announcements/thank you’s. One time only releases will be given for graduation cakes and items that Rich Banick Photography does not produce.

I understand that I will be viewing the images from my session and placing my order at the view and order appointment (this applies to all senior sessions). This appointment must be made the day of my session and will be within 2 weeks of being photographed.

I understand that there will be no proofs made from the photographs taken during my session. All decisions will be made during a view and order session held at our studio.

I understand that the normal processing time for the final order is 4-6 weeks, and I will be notified by phone when the order is complete.

I understand that Rich Banick Photography cannot take wrinkles out of clothes, remove tan lines, remove hair from the face or background, remove braces from teeth, lighten or darken the background without lightening or darkening the entire photograph, or remove glare from glasses, unless an additional fee is paid.

I understand that if I have chosen to wear eyeglasses with lenses in them, reflections can be removed (if possible) at my expense.

I understand that my hair and hairstyle is my responsibility. Hair styles cannot be digitally altered.