Scranton High School

Scranton High Football/Cheer & Band 2017-18

Boy's Soccer 2017-18

Girl's Soccer 2017-18

Golf 2017-18

Girl's Tennis 2017-18

Cross Country 2017-18

Fall Play - Charlie Brown 2017-18

Band Christmas Concert 2017-18

Boy's Basketball 2017-18

Girl's Basketball 2017-18

Boy's Wrestling 2017-18

Swimming 2017-18


Semi Formal 2017-18

St. Patty's Day Parade 2017-18

Boy's Baseball 2017-18

Girl's Softball 2017-18

Boy's Tennis 2017-18

Track & Field 2017-18

Club Photos 2017-18

Spring Play

National Honors Society

Prom Candids

Class Night

Awards Night

Graduation Candids

Graduation Individuals


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